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Unclog Drain in Benton Park, MO. Been searching "unclog drain" for hours? If a plunger, store-bought liquid drain cleaners, or other DIY solutions aren't helping, it's time to call Drain Cleaning St. Louis to have a licensed master plumber and drainlayer unclog your drain. Sometimes, we all need the help of professionals, and ignoring a clogged on slow-running drain can result in costly damage to your plumbing down the line. For professional, knowledgeable, and expert unclog drain services in Benton Park, MO, call us today at 314-972-2233 or reach out to us online. We even offer 24/7 emergency services to our Benton Park, MO customers.

The Reasons That Drains Get Clogged | Unclog Drain Benton Park, MO

When a drain gets clogged, the underlying reason depends on the type of drain and what humans are using it for. Knowing the causes of clogged drains can help you avoid them in the future.

  • Toilet Drain Cleaning

    Too much toilet paper is the main cause of clogged toilets, but other kinds of paper and hygiene products like paper towels, Q-tips, or diapers — which shouldn't be flushed in a toilet — often lead to clogs too. If any product apart from toilet paper says "flushable," don't believe it.

  • Basement Cleaning

    Basement drains can become clogged when a another drain in the house is backed up, there's residue from a washing machine, or with the heavy rainfall we often get in Benton Park, MO.

  • Bathtub Drain Cleaning

    Hair is often the number one cause of bathtub drains becoming clogged. Residue from soap or other products, dirt, and even mineral buildup from water can also lead to clogs in your pipes.

  • Sink Drain Cleaning

    When residue from washing dishes, such as grease or fat, or coffee grounds accumulate in a kitchen sink drain, it can often become clogged. With bathroom sinks, excess toothpaste, hair, floss, nail clippings, and hand lotions are often to blame.

While there are a lot of ways drains become clogged, the important thing now is that you need to unclog that drain in your Benton Park, MO home. Contact Drain Cleaning St. Louis today at 314-972-2233 to get that drain cleared quickly.

Unclog Drain Benton Park, MO | Drain Cleaning Services Near Benton Park| Drain Cleaning St. Louis

Professional Unclog Drain Services in Benton Park, MO

While some DIY options are handy sometimes a job can only be done right by a professional. We know how to unclog drains. Our first order of business when we arrive at your Benton Park, MO home is to carry out a drain camera inspection to inspect your plumbing system and find the main cause of your clogged drain. Once we know the the issue is, we'll come up with one of approaches that work best for your plumbing issue and your your home's plumbing system:

  • Chemicals: Over-the-counter liquid drain cleaners can unclog some drains, but are often ineffective or temporary solutions for serious or persistent issues. However, only professional plumbers are allowed to purchase the high concentrations of hydrochloric acid required to unclog a drain of serious clogs. The acid is harmful to certain pipes, so chemicals aren't necessarily the best solution. Your plumber at Drain Cleaning St. Louis will know if chemicals are appropriate for your pipes.
  • A Drain Snake or Drain Auger: Also referred to as a plumber's snake, these can be either manual or motorized. Generally, snakes are used to unclog drains that are smaller, like your bathroom sink, and augers are intended for larger drains such as a basement. They both have long, coiled cords with a helix-shaped hook on the end. The cords are fed into the drain and then cranked, dislodging the clog.
  • Hydro Jetting: When all else fails, your master plumber at Drain Cleaning St. Louis will unclog your drain by using a highly-pressurized stream of water down in order to dislodge the most stubborn blockages.

The contractors at Drain Cleaning St. Louis are all licensed master plumbers and drainlayers with St. Louis City and St. Louis county. We've been unclogging drains in Benton Park, MO since 2011 and have yet to come across a drain we couldn't handle.

Unclog Drain in Benton Park, MO | Drain Cleaning Services Near Benton Park | Drain Cleaning St. Louis

How to Tell When You Need Drain Cleaning | Unclog Drain Benton Park, MO

Of course, searching "unclog drain" isn't necessary when your plumbing systems and drains stay healthy. Here are 6 sure signs that you need drain cleaning even if your drains aren't completely clogged:

  1. Slow Drains and Standing Water: Slow running drains usually indicate there there is some blockage in your pipes. If there's water on the floor of your basement after it rains, or water fills up your shower even though the drain is open, reach out to Draining Cleaning St. Louis right away.
  2. Foul Odors: If you notice a odor anywhere near a drain, it could be a signal that your sewage is backed up or that you need replacement p-traps.
  3. Multiple Clogged Lines: If your shower, sink, and basement drains are all having issues, it could mean that the problem is with the main sewer line, and not the individual drains. In that case, it's a good idea to get sewer drain cleaning right awayWaiting could result in more costly damage to your Benton Park, MO home.
  4. Water Backing Up: If your toilet drain is clogged, it could cause water to back up in your bathtub or sink.
  5. Gurgling Sounds: Even if your lines are draining normally, gurgling sounds indicate that there is a backup behind the scenes. The gurgling comes from water flowing past the air bubbles that are created when clogs occur.
  6. Fruit Flies: Fruit flies love drains and pipes with leftover food in them. if you notice fruit flies flying around your kitchen sink, call Drain Cleaning St. Louis.

If you're noticing any of the above signs, it's best not to delay in getting drain cleaning services, or you'll be left typing "unclog drain" into your phone at 6 in the morning. In the worst case, waiting to get drain cleaning might result in infections and other health concerns.

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Our certified master plumbers provide quick and polite service, 24/7. We are always researching the latest technologies and best practices to give Benton Park, MO individuals and families the best plumbing and drain cleaning service possible. We're a one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs in Benton Park, MO. Beyond drain cleaning, we offer numerous plumbing services, including water and sewer line repair and repairs and replacements of kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and more. For the best unclog drain services in Benton Park, MO, call Drain Cleaning St. Louis now at 314-972-2233 or contact us online.